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Insurance For A Series Of Unusual Events!

With the start of the events season upon us, we are about to enter the most hectic three to four months of the year. During this time some fascinating ventures are doubtless to come – that’s the joy of working with the events and entertainment world; you just never know what the next enquiry will involve!

The exceptional and unusual enquiries we have had this past month…

Singers on tour, marketing launches, feature films with huge casts… Amongst the most unusual was a Russian band playing in the Natural History Museum, courtesy of a world-renowned London department store… they really can supply everything!  And how about a re-enactment of a sailing ship delivering goods from the 18th century empire to Britain’s shores, to be collected from a real tall ship by schoolchildren, learning about our history in a fun and unforgettable way?

On a slightly darker yet absolutely gripping note….

How about hearing that a high-level foreign defector has taken sanctuary in an arts centre in London (which we insure), with, literally, hit squads on his trail?  There’s nothing like the real world to outdo fiction! I’m looking over my shoulder right now…

And finally, our Woodlands Scheme…

This is for woodland owners and workers, craftsmen and women and rural traditional workers keeping old skills alive, an increasingly popular insurance for those taking part in rural events, festivals, demonstrations and workshops. Thanks to the increased interest in woodland craft, our Woodlands Scheme goes from strength to strength; over six hundred are on the books now, including clients with great projects to preserve ancient woodlands and maintain and teach traditional skills. We love to hear about such diverse projects; it’s often an education for us too!

Are you hosting an unusual event, or have an unusual venture that requires insurance? We have many years experience in providing competitively priced cover for the most unusual events and entertainment. Call us on 01245 500433 to get a quote.